The Picture Gallery

This page has a collection of old pictures  some with persons whose names are unknown.

If you can fill in any of the names, please drop me an -mail so I can make the necessary corrections.

I have only a few pictures that would be of interest to the ex Tapliner. If you have any pictures you would like to share, please send them to me by e-mail in JPG format. The preferred size is about 45 - 50 Kb per picture.

      To see the pictures please click the captions.         

     Wm. R. Chandler. Tapline President 1963 - 1972.                     Wm. R. Chandler, a young SOCAL engineer.

     Hank Lambert flying the F - 27.     Photo Brett Langevat.               John R. Terry, the first E. & I. Superintendent.

      John J. Kelberer in 1963.                                                            John L. Koenreich in 1974.

     Saudi Government official arriving at Turaif airport.             King Saud in Turaif. 1954.

     Another Royal visitor transits Turaif.                                     Badanah group photograph. 1984.

      Mohammad Ali Ghamdi in 2002.                                               John J. Makkinje in 1972.

      John Makkinje and guests. 1982.                                            Benny Davis .Qaisumah 1954.

      Reda Abdel Samad, Andre de Raad                                        Beirut Office party 1963.

    Shubah construction 1956.                                                       Aerial Survey aircraft at Qaisumah.     

     Hafar Al Batin castle 1954.                                                       Bill Pickett   1989.

     John  Hendley 2002.                                                                 G. Salloum and Selim Socrate.

      Reda AbdelSamad and Bassam Baassiri.                              Antoine Fayyad and Reda AbdelSamad. 2000.

      Aramco N-721A in Turaif.                                                        Tapline N-718A over Sidon Terminal.

     Cessna 421 at Beirut Airport.                                                    My favourite  car, the " Desert Flyer "

     Skyhook at Ras El Mishaab.                                                     Completing field welds on Tapline 1949.

     Aerial view of Rafha Pumpstation.                                           Aerial view of Badanah Pumpstation.

     Aerial view of Upper Housing area Badanah.                        The last lunch served in Turaif Messhall, 1986.

     Aerial view of Turaif Pumpstation.                                          Aerial view of Turaif Housing area.

    Another aerial view of Turaif housing area.

    Graders maintaining the old unpaved road.

      Turaif turbine 1 has just arrived.                                             Turaif turbine 1 loaded and ready to leave.

      Spare turbine removed from Turbine Shop.                            Spare turbine Control Van removed from foundation.

      Riyatain turbine ready for haul to Riyatain.                             Riyatain station loop pipe loading in Turaif.

     Safety Awards at the Central Shops in Turaif.                        Silver English Proficiency Awards E & I. Turaif.

      KM 1035, the end of the line.                                                   Km 1035, this specially drilled well provided the water.

      KM 1035 scrap. 2000.                                                               Inside Riyatain turbine room. 2000.

      The main  street of Turaif.  1953.                                            16 X 16 bachelor housing Turaif 1954.                           

      John Makkinje 1954.                                                                 Tony Verhoeven in the E & I Shop Turaif.

      Governorate school sports day.                                               Turaif swimming hole.

      Floods in the Badanah area. 1957.                                            Lakes in the Badanah area. 1957.

      After the heavy rains, a flowering desert.                              Dokhi Suleiman and Ghareeb Mutlaq. 1986.

      And she blew at Km. 1009.                                                        And they blew it at Km. 987.

      They did.........they did !                                                             And how !   a closer look.

      The above ground line section at Km. 782.

      John Koenreich during the VHF survey 1956.                           VHF survey 1956.

      The VHF survey almost stopped in Wadi Hafar.                       Return form annual vacation, Turaif 1955.

      Andre de Raad enjoying his private pool.                                 Sand Buggy spotted in Turaif. 1969



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