Tapline's magazine, the "Pipeline Periscope"

From the first issue, Vol. 1, Nr. 1, March 1, 1953:

To All Tapline Employees:

This is the first edition of a new Tapline employee's publication which each of you will receive monthly.

It's purpose is to bring together the employees of Tapline in four countries and of more than a dozen nationalities, into a closer understanding of one another and of the Company for which we work.

I urge that each of you regard this publication as your paper, and that you participate actively in its development by passing to the "Editor-Tapline-Beirut," or to your station correspondent, any news, views or ideas which you think may be of interest to others.

C.A. Swigart

Volumes 1 through 24 as searchable PDF files:

These issues of the Pipeline Periscope were digitized in February 2010 from Capt. Walther Ludvigsen's bound volumes and Capt. Per Jespersen's loose leaf collection donated by his son Peter Jespersen.



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