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Some of the mooring masters and tug boat captains in front of the office building at the Zahrani terminal in the early 1960's.

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1) Elias Kayal 2) Bechara Assaly 3)Lutfallah Gaby 4) Walther Ludvigsen 5) Mustafa Koleilat 6) Salim Arafat 7) Hassan Tiriaki 8) Maroun Kayal 9) Pedro Haddad 10) Ian Ross 11) A. A. Brickhouse (Terminal Superintendant) 12) Per Jespersen 13) Hikmat Badawi (office staff) 14) Dirk Schipper (Marine Foreman) 15) Arnold Ødegaarden 16) Bechara Kattoura 17) Ted Greenwood 18) Boulos Barcha 19) Bechara Baradi 20) Nicolas Baradi 21) Martin Rutherford 22) Karl Tronstad 23) Malvin Nesheim 24) Knut Hopen 25) Simon Kattoura 26) Ali Shugri

The Europeans were mooring masters and the Lebanese tugboat captains.