The House of People (Presidential Palace)

Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 18:24:17 +0100
To: Borre Ludvigsen
From: (Elie Wardini)
Subject: The text on the reverse of the card

This card was circulated in Lebanon just after the Syrian army had occupied the Lebanese Presidential Palace (renamed The House of People) in Baabda Saturday 13th October 1990.

The text on the reverse of the card:

"Then the chief priest and the elders of the people assembled in the palace of the high priest, whose name was Caiaphas, and made plans to arrest Jesus by some trick and have him put to death." (Matthiew 26:3-4)

.... and mounting a guard

"Next day, that is, when Preparation Day was over, the chief priests and the Psees went in a body to Pilate and Your Excellency, we recall that this impostor said, while he still alive, "After three days I shall rise again." Therefore give the order to have the sepulchre kept secure until the third day, for fear his deisciples come and steal him away and tell the people "he has risen from the dead." This last piece of fraud would be worse that what went before. You may have your gaurds, said Pilate to them, go and make all as secure as you know how. So they went and made teh sepulchre secure, putting seals on the stone and mounting a guard" (Matthiew 27:62-66)

Today seems almost like yesterday! Preparation day, high Priest, Deputies, a trick in the Palace of the high Priest, Begging for the help of foreign Soldiers, seals on the stone and guards, all to shroud the voice of he People and Prevent the Resurrection.

Børre Ludvigsen, 950219