Tanios Hotel, Saida 1951

The Tanios Hotel on the beach between Saida and the Awali River was the first place we lived in Saida. We were there for two weeks in October 1951, waiting for our apartment in the Sinn Building to become ready for moving in. The people in the picture are Mrs. Synnøve Tronstad, myself, Captain Karl Tronstad (a mooring master colleague of my father), Karl-Ivar Tronstad and my mother.

Tanios Hotel was a rather grand place, with romantic gardens full of flowered trellises and fake grottos. We're standing in front of a huge circullar reflectong pool with gold fish around which went the main drive to the ehntrance. It was an enchanting place for a young child coming from a one room apartment in a post-war Norway of scarce housing where rationing was still a part of life.

- Børre Ludvigsen <borrel@hiof.no>

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