Some previews of a series of photographs from Lebanon taken between July 18 and Aug 6, 1995. The images are from 8mm video and therefore not very good resolution. They will be followed by a posting of a fairly large number of digitized 35mm photographs. Click the thumbnails to get 384 * 288 (ca. 20 and 60K) gif images.

Since these previews were added, 1000 pictures have been digitized onto PhotoCD's and included on this server as 384x256 pixel images.

There's also a travel report from the trip.

The pictures (in the same order as above): Army Day (placard) - Army Day (placard) - Building to be restored in "Beirut Central District". - Bikfaya - Ein el Helweh with Sideon in the background - The French team of archeaologists excavating near the opera. - Building on the "green line" - Harisa - Jounieh - Old Jounieh - Martyrs Square (El Bourj) - Martyrs Square (El Bourj) - Martyrs Square (El Bourj) - Hotel Phoenicia - The pine trees near the race course - Pigeon Rocks (Rouchieh) - Saida from the north - Saida, the sea castle and the new port - Saida, the sea castle - Jebel Sannine - Sirop and Mieh ou Mieh (near Saida) - St. George Hotel - The pier at Tapline (Zahrani near Saida) - The U.S. Embassy site



August 1995