Habbaitak Bissayf

I loved you in summer

Lyrics: Rahbani Brothers
Music adapted by Rahbani Brothers from the French song, 'Coupable d'oublier'.

In the cold days / in winter / when the sidewalk is a lake / and the street is drowned / this girl has come / from her old house to await him.

He who had told her to wait / but he has gone away / and forgotten / and she withers away / in winter.

I have loved you in summertime / I have loved you in winter /I awaited you in summertime /I awaited you in winter / Your eyes are summer / My eyes are winter / and our rendezvous my love / is beyond summer and beyond winter.

The strange one passed by / and gave me a message / my lover had written / with his tears /1 opened the message / whose letters were lost / and days passed / years estranged us / while winter had erased / the letters of the message .

From Fairouz; Legend and Legacy

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