'A Hadir il-Bosta
The bus song

Lyrics & Music: Ziad Rahbani

By the roar of the bus we traveled / from the village of Himlaya to the village of Tannurin / and I remembered you, Alia / and remembered your eyes / and God forgive you, Alia / what beautiful eyes you have.

On our way to the mountains from the heat we almost died / some ate lettuce others munched on figs / one had his wife with him, and God / how ugly his wife was / lucky are the passengers on their way / to Tannurin / they take everything in stride / but they don't know, Alia / what beautiful eyes you have.

Way up we went and we hadn't even / paid our fare / sometimes we calmed down the rattling door / sometimes we calmed the passengers / the guy found out his wife was getting dizzy / I wouldn't put it past him / to let her go up alone / and if you could only see your eyes, Alia / how beautiful they are, your eyes / Driver if you'd just close that window / the air, O driver / the air will make us catch cold / the air O driver.

From Fairouz; Legend and Legacy

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