Lyrics & music: Rahbani Brothers

You keep blaming me and I / of blame had enough / my body has withered away / under the burden and you say / you want to go away / please do / my heart is used to pain.

From childhood I taught my heart / to love you / this eye of mine was confined / only to the sight of you / and God knows / I never laughed but for you / so why do you keep / opening all these doors for me.

I live far away / from Joy and its nights / pray, is this not what it means / to be faithful tell me / if not, how could one become that.

If all this painful doubt / all this friction is just jealousy / you'd better cut it out / you've exhausted me, God bless your soul / and if others who teach you this / were close to your heart / then God bless you my love / in what you've found.

The more I love you / the more tears I have in my eyes / and I wish to God I could / go back on your dire loving / days will pass by / youth shall fly away.

Where will you find a heart / like my own / that has forgiven you so much / and made up every time / 0 how often have I said / tomorrow it shall repent / and denounce your love / I could never do it my love / This heart could never repent.

From Fairouz; Legend and Legacy

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