Kan Izzaman

Time was

From the musical: al-Mahatta
Lyrics: Rahbani Brothers
Music: Elias Rahbani

Time was / when a shop stood drowned in shade / when we girls and boys came to play by water.

And drunken John / sat on and on / behind the shop. He sang / and the neighbors' girl / grew sad / don't you forget me / don't you forget me / and remember / drunken John.

We roamed the neighborhood / with the birds / we flew toward the shop / with piles of roses / and drunken John / kept busy drawing on the walls / the picture of the neighbors' girl.

The neighbors' daughter is pretty / She eloped on the night of a feast / The shop came down / and a new house w ent up / in its place / and still / on the walls of oblivion / drunken John draws / the picture of the neighbors' daughter.

From Fairouz; Legend and Legacy

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