Min 'Iz Innawm Btisri'ni
From the height of sleep you steal me

From the musical: Lulu
Lyrics: Rahbani Brothers
Music: Filmon Wahbeh

From the height of sleep / you steal me / in the far-off where I run / you precede me /I am at the end of earth my love / the earth walks through me / when I walk / how far will you follow me.

We had departed and your voice / died away / empty time bid me in / and when I closed the door on myself / I found you between me / and myself.

Draped over the sea / of oblivion / sleep has deserted me now / with everything else / but your face refused / to depart / when I try to see in / it drowns me.

Dance and laughter / in festive vigilance / surrounded by my friends / all the eyes are on me / because l'm looking for a new love.

The glass keeps falling / from my hand / alone among all / I see you / you steal from among them / you burn me with the ice of the past.

From Fairouz; Legend and Legacy

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