Going for a walk

Lyrics: Sa'id Aql
Music: Rahbani Brothers

Who circulated the rumor that on my way to school, I stopped to speak to him and that he spoke back to me / The truth is that, I was simply walking by, when it began to rain / and if I did not seek shelter, my school dress would have been drenched with the rain. / Anyway, so what if we did speak to each other / After all, we were young and I even went out for a walk with him.

They said, he threw roses over my bed how would he reach our high window? / How could he recognize which is my bed, and which is my sister's bed? / Oh, how they fabricate stories, Oh, how they circulate a lie / I only went for a walk with him.

They said, twice he held me in his arms, twice and that he pressed / O what a lie, Once, alright, but twice! / they also said my hand never pushed him away and that his thirst was never quenched / How they divulge a secret /I only went for a walk with him.

Yesterday, I saw him in a dream / I was flying in his arms, below, the groun d was all spread with jasmines / if my dream would ever come true / why not, for as in a simple walk, in life we are simply passing through.

From Fairouz; Legend and Legacy

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