Lyrics & Music: Rahbani Brothers

Long time ago, when I was a young girl, a boy used to come from the nearby woods / His name was Shadi / Shadi and I used to play in the snow, we sang for each other and ran in the wind / We carved our names in the rocks and the wind bit our faces.

One of these days, the world was smothered with fire / some people began fighting against other people / and the fighting spread to our hills / Shadi ran to watch / I got scared, I yelled: Shadi where did you go, Shadi / He disappeared, he could not hear me, the valley took him in / since that day I never saw him again / Shadi was lost for ever / Snow fell and melted away for twenty times / I grew up and Shadi remained the boy I knew, playing in the snow.

From Fairouz; Legend and Legacy

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