Ya Tair

O bird

Lyrics & Music: Rahbani Brothers

O bird flying / on the tip of the world / If you would only tell / the beloved about me / O bird.

Go ask the one who is alone / and wounded, all remedies of no avail / pained and not telling / what pains him / and in his memory recur / nights of childhood.

O bird who carries / the color of trees / in which there's nothing but boredom / and waiting / with the sun's eye I wait / on coldness of stone / the hands of reparation shake me / and I am troubled.

I beseech you by your teachers / which are equal to my days / I beseech by the thorn-rose and the wind / if you are going toward those / whom I love / and were love to erupt again / take me even for one minute / and return me.

From Fairouz; Legend and Legacy

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