From Mar 13 16:23:47 1997
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 15:54:22 +0000
From: Nadim Shehadi 
To: borrel 
Subject: Re: History

Dear Barre,

Ooops, I must have missed telling you about it but Kamal Salibi said yes,
you can go ahead and put the chapter.  I have not visited the site for a
while but last time I did it was so comprehensive that I did not have
anything to add.  I will go there soon and give it a think.

Best wishes for 1997


>Kil sinneh 'ou 'int salem!
>How are your negotiations with Kamal Salibi on the history chapter 
>coming? We now have a team of 4 students working on the server and would 
>like to spruce up the history portion.
>Also: do you have an contributions you would like to make yourself? Text, 
>pictures, etc?
>- Barre
>       Borre (aka Barre) Ludvigsen - 
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