Ras Beirut - Rue Jeanne d'Arc

Photographs Børre Ludvigsen, November 1996
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180° panorama of Rue Bliss at the north end Rue Jeanne d'Arc. Uncle Sam's in the white building at the right and AUB behind the wall on the other side of the street.

270° panorama at the first cross street below Hamra. On the right is Jeanne d'Arc south toward Hamra and north toward Bliss second from left.

270° panorama of Jeanne d'Arc and Hamra from the north east corner of the crossing (Hayat Building behind me). Hamra toward the east on the left and Jeanne d'Arc toward the north on the right.

270° panorama from the north west corner (Strand Center behind me). Jeanne d'Arc toward the north on the left and Hamra toward the west on the right.