• Photographs from the Beqaa
    2003-2006, Børre Ludvigsen
  • Photographs from Beqaa
    1997-1999, Børre Ludvigsen

    The beauty of the Beqaa, its vast open spaces, its vineyards, its fertility, generosity and sense of kinship are qualities that can only be measured with the heart.

    This marvellous land, which joins two mountain chains, has welcomed Man since the dawn of time and has seen many civilisations come and go. This rich history, this cultural heritage with its beautiful landscapes and archaeological vestiges, developed in response to the Beqaa's continuing fascination.

    The Beqaa is a land that has woven ties, not only between civilisations, but also between man and the deep valley as he derives from the earth: goodness, generosity, ardour and taste, and the humanity that opens the doors of paradise.

    The elevation, between 800 and 1,150 meters, keeps the Beqaa dry on hot Summer days and cool at night. In Winter most days are crisp and sunny.

    (From the Ministry of Tourism's brochure.)