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    Zahle is known as "Arouss El- Beqaa", the bride of the Beqaa, and is much appreciated for its healthy climate and good food.

    It is also the seat of government for the Beqaa. All amenities are available here, with hotels, good shopping and souvenir shops. Zahle's many beautiful old houses can be appreciated on a leisurely walk around the town. The main attraction, however, is the Bardaouni River, which flows out of Mt. Sannine through a wooded gorge shut in between tall perpendicular rocks. Along this branch of the Litani River there is one open - air restaurant after another. All are protected from the sun by awnings and leafy trees, while streams, fountains and pools cool the air.

    Zahle is the home of the Mezza and of Arak, so in this pleasant spot one can enjoy a typical Lebanese pastime: the long leisurely lunch. A walk in the hills overlooking Zahle, leads you to Iron and Bronze Age towns. In Wadi El Arayesh are Byzantine and Roman sarcophagi.