The reconstruction and development of the war-torn Beirut Central District will involve a surface area of approximately 1.8 million square meters that includes Beirut's principal public squares and avenues. Affected by the project are such landmarks as Martyrs' Square, the Parliament building on Nijmeh Square, the Serail and the traditional souks of Beirut, in addition to Beirut's most remarkable and historic houses of worship.

Plans for the rejuvenation of the BCD, an area that has favored settlement for thousands of years, will touch on virtually every aspect of reconstruction and development. In addition to the complete installation of modern infrastructure, including roads, utilities, public spaces and marine works, the project will highlight and integrate the archeological wealth of the city and provide the opportunity for the development of a quality urban environment with vast public gardens, recreational and cultural facilities, residential, commercial and office space.


Reconstruction and development of 4.69 million square meters of built up space parceled out to ensure a wide variety of activities.

Restoration of 265 architecturally-significant buildings

Reconstruction of the traditional souks of Beirut over an area of 60,000 square meters. An International Architecture Ideas Competition, with entries from 42 countries provided the opportunity for general public input into this major development project.

Expansion and treatment of the landfill, and the addition of 608,000 square meters of quality urban environment to the BCD. This area will house two marinas, a tree-lined seaside promenade and a 80,000 square-meter green park.


Currently underway in the BCD are massive infrastructure works scheduled to be completed in 1998. Concurrent with these works, and the reconstruction of the souks, are the treatment and expansion of the Normandy landfill, the construction of the sea-defense lines and the development of a number of other projects.

The rehabilitation of the landmark Murr Tower, several off1ce and housing buildings in the Saif1 area, and a 5-star hotel project on the waterfront adjacent to Beirut's well-known major hotels, and the restoration of 265 buildings, are all projects that will be ready by 1998.

Created by Morten Grøvnes.


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