Shrines in South Lebanon
A survey of some of the multi-religious shrines in the South

Ole Møystad:Morphogenesis of the Beirut Green-line
From the The Beirut Green Line project

The Lebanese Company for the Development and Reconstruction of the Beirut Central District

Beirut reconstruction (from "Al-Handasah" about 400K each)
Al-Handasah 49 page 1
Al-Handasah 49 page 2
Al-Handasah 49 page 3
Al-Handasah 49 page 4
Al-Handasah 50 page 1
Al-Handasah 50 page 2
Al-Handasah 50 page 3
Al-Handasah 50 page 4
Al-Handasah 54 page 1
Al-Handasah 54 page 10

Beirut reconstruction (from SOLIDERE brochure)
al-sharikat al-3iqariya fi-altashri al-lubnani wa-taTbiqatouha fi mantaqat wasaT Beirut al-tijari
wijhat isti3mal al-aradhi kama yalHaDhouha al-taSmim al-tawjihi al-3am
wasaT Beirut al-tijari (alniDham wa-altartib)

The results of the SOLIDERE architectural competition of 1994
1st prize entry Drisin, Mc Farlane.
2nd prize entry Akk & Valode & Pistre.
3rd prize entry Mark Saade & Associates.

The Synagogue of Wadi Bujmil in Beirut

Some books on Lebanese architecture
Excerpts about Mamluk architecture from a book on Tripoli
Law No 91-117 (Formation of the Council of Development and Reconstruction and a Real Estate Company)

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