The Hariri Foundation
A philanthropic foundation for education and cultural heritage.

Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association

AUB (The American University of Beirut)
The AUB Webserver
The AUB Digital Documentation Center
This section contains articles and papers on a variety of subjects researched at AUB.
The center is a collaborative project between AUB and Østfold State College started up by Professor Børre Ludvigsen in 1997.
Article from Asharq-Alawsat magazine, number 431, 28th Sep--4th Oct. 1994
The AUB Campus in the 1950's

ACS (The American Community Scool in Beirut)
Aerial photographs from the late '60s.
Photographs taken in July 1995.

Gerard Institute, Sidon
A picture from the summer camp, 1959 or 1961

Lebanese American University
College Notre Dame de Jamhour
University of Balamand
Université Saint-Joseph
Université Libanaise
Centre International des sciences Techniques
American Lebanese Language Center
Jesus & Mary School, Rabweh
International College
Tripoli Evangelical School
Centre National de Recherche et de Développement Pédagogiques
Center For Legislative Development - Beirut Office
The Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research
IUT Saida
Hagazian College
Greenfield College
at Bir Hassan

Teaching Islamic Civilization with Information Technology

External resources

Sites representing other academic institutions in Lebanon
(From Michel El Hayek's "Lebanon Select" site.)

PLANET - Palestinian Academic Network

The American University in Cairo


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