How it all began - A concise history of Lebanon
From A House Of Many Mansions - The History of Lebanon Reconsidered, by Kamal Salibi

Geneology: Researching Your Lebanese or Syrian Ancestry
an excellent site by Sandra Hasser Bennett.

Notes from the Minefield: United States Intervention in lebanon and the Middle East, 1945 - 1958 by Irene L. Gendzier
This book also gives a very good background on Lebanese post-independence history and politics.

A. J. Sherman, Mandate Days; British Lives in Palestine 1918-1948
Vocal history of the mandate from the notes and letters of those who were there.

The Sultans of the Ottoman Dynasty

More Ottoman Sultans
(From the Digital Documentation Center at AUB)

(See the articles on the history and geography of Beirut by May and Michael Davie.)

Middle East History
(WWW-resources by Larry Schankman)
History of Lebanon
at University of Pittsburgh
Map of the Eastern Roman Empire
Approximate provincial boundaries in the early sixth century. From The Chronicle of John Malalas, transl. E. Jeffreys, M. Jeffreys, R. Scott, Australian Association for Byzantine Studies Byzantina Australiensa 4, Melbourne, 1986, p. 311

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