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(Information on the Beiteddine Music Festival here.)
The Um Kalthoum Homepage.
A short biography, song texts, songs (audio), pictures and films.
Nour el Houdda
(Alexandra Badran) Pictures and "Ya Garat el Wadi.
Nazem el Ghazali
The much loved Iraqi singer.
Farid al-Atrash
Composer, singer and actor
Simon Shaheen: Tradition and Creativity
"A Heritage without Boundaries" by Kay Hardy Campbell
Fairouz - Legend and Legacy
Biography, Music, Songs, Plays and Films, Discography - 1981
The Rahbani Brothers
Leyla Mourad
This much-loved singer and movie star died at the end of 1995. Pictures, song texts and article.
Nagat el Saghira
Ayoun el Qalb - Mohammad el Mougi and Abdel Wahab Mohammad - (RA-file)
Sayed Makawi
The Egyptian composer and singer.
Sezen Aksu (from Turkey)
Laure Daccache
An audio cassette cover picture and text about this gifted, but little-known Lebanese composer and singer.
Sayed Darweesh
Abdel Halim Hafez.
Shalgi Baghdad
Magida el Roumi
The Lebanese singer
MHammad @abdl wahab
Ziad Rahbani
Ziad is the son of Fairuz and @assi Rahbani, two of the giants of lebanese music in the 20th century.
Play: Bilnisbeh la boukra shou?
The play "Lawla FusHatu l-Amali"
Radio show: "Baadna taybeen, 'oul Allah!"
"Morocco's Fantastic Folkloric Dance", by Habeeb Salloum
From Al Jadid, Vol. 2, No. 9 (July 1996)

The Ali Jihad Racy Fellowship for Arab Music Studies at
Arabic Musical Instruments

Music archive
Soundclips, RealAudio

A traditional Egyptian group
Faiza 'aHmad
MHammad Roujdie
Samira Said

Songs of Lebanon's South
"Ya rayiH soub balladi" (250K RealAudio)
"Ya rayiH soub balladi" (1.9MB au)

Sources of Arabic Music

(We do not endorse any of these companies in any way, but provide the links for your information and convenience.)

Search Google for arabic music.

Oriental Tunes
another good source of Arabic music.
Arab (Music) Radio - contemporary streamed Arabic popular music.
Buy Lebanese
internet source (in Lebanon) of CD's from A Chahine & Fils
Maqam Music
"Fine Arabic & Middle Eastern Music"
books, audio, software, video, souk
Online Arabic music store
A Chahine & Fils, Beirut, Lebanon:
Primary source of Arabic music in Lebanon, particulary Fairouz.
Rue Georges Zeidan, par Rue du Liban (Tabaris), Ashrafieh, Beirut - Tel: 33 57 99
Rue d'Amerique, par Rue Justinien, Wardieh, Beirut - Tel: 36 19 92
Boulevard Chiyah, Hazmieh

US Representative:
- The Voice (Mr. Fayez Renno)
Tel : 713 7228185
Fax : 713 7228957

Rashid Music Sales Co.
New York, USA

Caravelle Music
They sell Arabic music on-line
Librairie Arabe l'Olivier - Alain Bittar
5 rue de Fribourg, CH-1201 Geneve.
Tel: (41 22) 731 84 40 - Fax: (41 22) 731 82 80

Digital Press Hellas, Arabic Music Catalogue (Jan 1996)
Part I and Part II
Trehantiri Music
365-367 Green Lanes
London N4 1DY
Tel & Fax UK 0181 802 6530
Int 0044181 802 6530

10302 Malcolm Cir. # H, Cockeysville, MD 21030, USA

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