Voices: Palestinian Women Narrate Displacement
A digital book in which you can hear the voices of women of historic Palestine telling their stories of loss of home through displacement, refugeedom, demolition and threat of demolition, deportation, imprisonment, and total transformation of environment.

Association Najdeh
Women's organization that works in and around the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon

Al Badia
Traditional Palestinian embroidery

Jerusalem 96
  • Images and panoramas from Jerusalem
  • Old Photography in Old Jerusalem
       (Courtesy of Elia Photo)

    The Oslo Accords and related agreements

    FAFO-reports on strategic research in Middle East societies
    These reports were basic instruments in the negotiations for the "Oslo Agreements".

    A. J. Sherman, Mandate Days; British Lives in Palestine 1918-1948
    Vocal history of the mandate from the notes and letters of those who were there.

    External resources

    Palestine Maps
    from the Plaestine Land Society
    The Destroyed Villages
    Maps of Palestine
    From An Open Door to the Arab Wold
    Palestine Remembered
    Maps, history, el Naqba, the expulsion, places .......
    The Institute for Palestine Studies, Beirut
    The Institute for Palestine Studies is an independent, non-profit Arab research organization .....
    Al Jana and ARCPA
    The Arab Resource Center for Popular Arts
    The Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights & the Environment

    Al Awda - The Palestine Right to Return

    Luke Powell's photographs of Palestine

    The Electronic Intifada
    A Resource for Countering Myth, Distortion and Spin from the Israeli Media War Machine

    News sites for the 2000 Intifada

    "The Tragedy of Palestine"
    Rice University President's Lecture by Edward Said, professor of comparative literature and chair of the doctoral program at Columbia University, on "The Tragedy of Palestine" (Real Media Video and Audio Lecture)

    Palestine Directory
    Useful sites in and about Palestine

    Al Quds
    the Palestine server.

    The Law of the Land: Settlements and Land Issues under Israeli Military Occupation
    by Raja Shehadeh

    Palestinian Legislative Council

    Save the homes of Palestine
    Demolition of homes in Palestine

    PASSIA: Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs

    PALESTA: Palestinian Scientists and Technologists Abroad
    An internet-based network that will harness the scientific and technological knowledge of Palestinian expatriate professionals for the benefit of development efforts in Palestine.

    Palestine Life and Remembrance Museum

    Palestine Economic Forum

    CIA World Factbook entries

    BAILASAN is a Palestinian internet services co. aiming to provide the world with the exclusive on the Palestinian perspective.

    Arabic Media Internet Network.

    Palestinian sites
    Various Palestinian sites such as the The Palestinian National Authority, newspapers, etc.

    Palestinian Development InfoNet
    Palestinian Refugee ResearchNet and Palestinian Development InfoNet

    Al Quds
    the Palestine server.

    PLANET - Palestinian Academic Network

    The Palestinian Refugees
    by Samir S. El-Jundi
    Apparently a speech to the 1994 ISFIT conference in Trondheim.

    Islamic Association for Palestine
    News, politics, pictures and sounds.

    Alta Vista serach for "Palestine"

    Travel Advisory from the US State Department

    Infopal "The Independent Palestinian Information Network"

    Useful links from the Al Quds server
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