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Appendices for Odd Karsten Tveit's De Skyldige
Foreign minister Hans Jørgen Holst's "missing" papers from the Oslo Accords, May - December 1993
FAFO-reports on strategic research in Middle East societies
These reports were basic instruments in the negotiations for the Oslo Accords.
Lebanon on Hold - Implications for Middle East Peace
Edited by Rosemary Hollis and Nadim Shehadi
Background information on the peacekeeping force in south Lebanon.
Map of the Israeli occupation zone in South Lebanon
January 1998
The Occupied Villages
in South Lebanon, March 1997
The Oslo Accords
Agreement between Israel and Lebanon May 17 1983
Excerpts from the Taif Accords
Lebanon-Syria Treaty of Cooperation
United Nations Security Council Resolutions on Lebanon
Planning for Justice after Israel's Occupation of South Lebanon
Mary Bentley Abu-Saba, October 1999
Palestinian self-rule, human rights and the role of third parties
Arne Oerum, 1996

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