Photographic documentation
Pictures from places in Lebanon
1000's of pictures from Beirut and other places in Lebanon taken in the late 1990's (Børre Ludvigsen)

1000 photographs from Lebanon - 1995
(July - August, 1995 - © Børre Ludvigsen and Antonia Reime)

Pictures from Syria
Damascus and Aleppo (Børre Ludvigsen)

Fondation Arabe Pour L'Image
The Arab Image Foundation - a treasure trove of wonderfully evocative images from the Arab world.

Images from the Past
A collection of pictures and slides from the Levant of the late 1800's. (Bonfils, from the Debbas collection, Artin Koudalakian's collection, etc.)

12000 photographs from Lebanon
Courtesy the Ministry of Tourism from the AUB Digital Documentation Center

Frank Stewart's photographs from South Lebanon
Pictures from Ashoura 1932

Jerusalem '96
  • Photographs, panoramas and QuickTime VR panoramas from Palestinian Jerusalem
  • Old Photography in Old Jerusalem
       (Courtesy of Elia Photo)

    Old photographs from Mieh-ou-Mieh
    These old photographs from in and around the village of Mieh-ou-Mieh near Saida in South Lebanon, are from the St. George's Church calendar 1996.

    Abu Saba pictures from Mieh-ou-Mieh, Lebanon
    Pictures from the 50's and 60's contributed by Elias Abu-Saba, 1998.

    Some of my parents private 6 x 9 photographs
    from Lebanon and Syria in the early 1950's (Børre Ludvigsen)

    Marilyn Stafford Silent Stories
    A Photographic Journey through Lebanon in the Sixties

    Elie Wardini's photographs from Lebanon.

    Fareed Abou-Haidar's pictures from the Lebanese landscape.

    Fareed Abou-Haidar's pictures from the contemporary history of Lebanon and Syria.

    Imprints on Damascus
    A photo exhibit by Richard Saad.

    Jabal el-Barouk
    Photographs taken by Rania Masri in the summer of 1994. These pictures include scenes from Ain Zhalta, Bcharre, Al-Mouraijat (Beqaa). They also document growth conditions and damage from the '82-'84 occupation.

    The Synagogue of Wadi Bujmil, Beirut

    West Beirut 1991-1994, photographs by Zakaria Khalil

    Postcards from Lebanon
    and other places in the Levant.

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