Refugees and displaced peoples
Too Many Enemies, The Palestinian Experience in Lebanon, by Rosemary Sayigh
This is the story of the Palestinians living in refugee camps in Lebanon, one of the most vulnerable communities in a country torn apart by armed factions. Drawing on oral history, it presents a compelling portrait of their experience of attack and aggression, air raids, massacres and summary executions, how they organized to defend themselves and how they related to one another during these successive crises.

Voices: Palestinian Women Narrate Displacement, by Rosemary Sayigh
A digital book in which you can hear the voices of women of historic Palestine telling their stories of loss of home through displacement, refugeedom, demolition and threat of demolition, deportation, imprisonment, and total transformation of environment.

Map of the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, 1999

Association Najdeh
Women's organization that works in and around the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon

Al Badia
Traditional Palestinian embroidery '

The Fafo-reports
These reports on the living conditions of Palestinian refugees in the Occupied Territories and Lebanon, are examples of Fafo's strategic research which has contributed to the peace process in the Middle East.

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