Qalaat el Hosn (Crac des Chevaliers) and Arwad Island - 2002

Tartous, Arwad and the Ansariyeh Mountains -2003

Damascus - Pictures, panoramas and sounds from Syria's capital.

Aleppo - Sounds and sites from Syria's second city.

Ottoman Railways and Modern Industrial Infrastructure, 1880-1914 - Michael Provence

Damascus and Hawran, 2006 - Photos and captions by Michael Provence

Stones That Did The Work Of Men
From the Aramco World Magazine, November-December 1993.

The last Hakawati
From the Aramco World Magazine, January-February 1996.

Poetry recital with Nizar Qabbani
At the AUB Assembly Hall in January 1995

Colonel Hussni Al-Zaim
From The Illustrated London News April 9, 1949,

Thabet Birro; 1996 Excerpts from an interview
with the Syrian State Minister for External Affairs, Mr. Naser Qaddour

General History
from Library of Congress Country Studies

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