George Post 1838 - 1909

Lytton Musselman presents
George Post
Pioneer Botanist of the Middle East

The Department of Biology hosted a presentation by Dr. Lytton J. Musselman on Thursday June 27th at 5:00 pm in the Van Dyck Amphitheatre at AUB.

The complete presentation in MP3 audio is available for replaying here.

Few scientists have had such an impact on the study of ecology and vegetation in the Middle East as George Edward Post (1838-1909). Fluent in Arabic, Latin, and conversant in several other languages, Post was a professor of surgery at the Syrian Protestant College from 1868 until his death. He wrote the first flora of the Middle East, published in 1884. His research collection is the major component of the internationally recognized Post Herbarium which remains the basis for scientific names of many Middle Eastern plants. His specimens and his detailed accounts of expeditions in the region document environmental changes in the last century. In addition to his contributions to the study of vegetation, Post lectured in archeology, practiced surgery, produced the first Arabic concordance of the Bible, and designed several buildings on the AUB campus.

(Lytton Musselman, 2002)

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