Interview with Nizar Qabbani

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Biographcal notes: In English and Arabic

Poetry recital at AUB's Assembly Hall, January 30, 1995.

This interview with the reknown Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani is one of a series with notable personalities in Lebanon and the Middle East carried out at part of an oral history project by CAMES in the late 1960's and early 70's.

The recorded audio is in the mp3 format and will play with any of a number of embedded or downloadable audio players on the Internet. Apart from the bitmap images of the arabic text, a complete file of the interview is available in the PDF format viewable in various programs including Adobe Acrobat available for downloading from Adobe.

Complete transcript of the interview in Arabic as a pdf file.

The interview in text and sound.
Clicking each strip opens a corresponding section of the interview. Clicking the upper left-hand corner of each opened section will activate the corresponding audio in an mp3 player. Clicking the left or right side of each section opens the next or previous section.

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