The AUB Museum, founded in 1868, is the third oldest Museum in the Near East. Begun with a donation from General Cesnola, the American Consul in Cyprus, the collection has since then grown steadily. Today the Museum exhibits a wide range of artifacts from Lebanon and neighbouring countries tracing man's progress in the Near East from the Early Stone Age to the Islamic period.

Opening Hours Monday to Friday 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM Closed during official and AUB holidays.


The Museum runs a full program of activities which are open to the public.

  • Regular lectures throughout the year.
  • Temporary exhibitions.
  • Trips inside and outside the country. (Only open to Society members)
  • Children's programs, organized four times a year and held in the Museum itself or at an archeological site. (Priority to member's Children)
  • A children's library is available.

Society of the Friends of the AUB Museum

Members of the Society enjoy special privileges at the AUB Museum.

  • Advance notice of all activities
  • Subscription-to the Museum Newsletter

Fees are as follows:

        Student      L.L. 15 000     Member  L.L. 75 000
        Family       L.L. 180 000    Contributor: L.L. 300 000
        Fellow       L.L. 450 000 or more

Museum Shop

The shop sells a selection of postcards, books, T-shirts, jewelry, replicas and other souvenirs relating to the AUB Museum and to Lebanon's ancient history.

Field Work

The AUB Museum is conducting three excavations at Tell ei-Ghassil (Bekaa), Beirut City-Center, and Tell Kazel (Syria).


The Museum Publications include : the Museum Catalogue, and the Coin Catalogue. The Society publishes a Newsletter twice a year, which gives an account of the Museum's activities.


AUB Museum
P.0.B. 236-9, Beirut, Lebanon.
TEL/FAX: 961-1-340549

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