Preset guided tours
  • Gate to Medical Building
  • Main Gate to Sea Gate
  • Campus Tour, 1997-1999
    (Continually construction)
    Helpful hint before the tour: When the pointer turns to a hand anywhere in the model, map or picture, click the mouse to go the the building under the pointer.
    The tour requires a java compatible browser such as Netscape 4.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or better.
    Plain Guide Plain tour of the campus.
    Starting with the main map , all the subsequent documents will open in the same page so you get the panoramas, QTVRs, images and text information in the same page. This version does not require Java or a high resolution display.
    VRML Guide Tour the AUB campus on a 3D VRML model
    Make sure you have a VRML plug-in for your browser before starting the model. Nothing will go wrong if you don't, but it might take a short while to download the whole model over a modem. All the buildings on the model are clickable and will open a separate information window for the building concerned.
    Map Guide Tour the campus on an interactive map.
    The interactive map is the main interface to the tour. Clicking on any building on the map will bring up an information page on that building. It also opens a small detailed map page for local navigation. The round symbols (nodes) on the detail map indicate the direction of 360 ° panoramas that are displayed in a separate window when clicked. The panoramas themselves are navigable both in small and large formats by clicking at buildings and other nodes.
    Aerial View Guide Tour the campus with an interactive aerial photograph.
    The aerial photograph works much in the same way as the map. Clicking at a building will bring up the information page for that building and a detail map showing the closest nodes for further navigation.

    Created by the Digital Documentation Center at AUB in collaboration with Al Mashriq of Høgskolen i Østfold, Norway.

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