Al mashriq - The Levant

DHMESA DIGITAL HUMANITIES MAILINGLIST is a mailinglist for the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and skills by anyone interested in the application of digital humanities to cultures and histories of the Middle East in the widest sense.

The list was established by the organizers* of the digital humanities panels at MESA 2014 in New Orleans. It is hosted at Østfold University College in Halden, Norway.

If you wish to join the list, send the following message in the body of an email to <>:

   subscribe dhmesa

The server will reply that your request is pending approval by the list owner. Once approved a welcome message will be returned.

All messages sent by a subscriber to the address will be distributed to all other subscribers to the list.

Postings to this list are restricted to 40000 characters and attachments are not accepted. Attachments, illustrations, etc., are best included as links to external sites.

To remove your email address from the list, send the following message to <>:

   unsubscribe dhmesa

from the same email account to which you receive posting from the list.

If you need help from a human, send an email to the list owner, Børre Ludvigsen <>

(Should he fail to answer, address your question to <>)

*Will Hanley, Børre Ludvigsen, and Maxim Romanov



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