from the Middle East

10036 Åge A. Tiltnes
A Socio-economic Profile of the Nahr El-Bared and Beddawi Refugee Camps of Lebanon
Based on the 2006 Labour Force Survey among Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon
Fafo-paper 2007:16 (pdf 281k)

20013 Åge A. Tiltnes
Keeping Up
A Brief on The Living Conditions of Palestinian Refugees in Syria
Fafo-report 2007:13 (pdf 666k)

20002 Geir Øvensen and Pål Sletten
The Syrian Labour Market
Findings from the 2003 Unemployment Survey
Fafo-report 2007:02 165p (pdf 961k)

514 Åge A. Tiltnes (ed.)
Palestinian Refugees in Syria: Human Capital, Economic Resources and Living Conditions
Fafo-report 514 248p (pdf 2.42MB)

797 Gro Hasselknippe
Palestinian Opinions on Peace and Conflict, Internal Affairs and Parliament Elections 2006
Results from Fafo polls in September and November-December 2005
Fafo-paper 2006:09 38p (pdf 272k)

792 Geir Øvensen
An asset index for the Syrian 2003 Unemployment Survey
A background paper on the construction of an asset index for measuring households' long-term wealth
Fafo-paper 2006:01 (pdf 119k)

Palestine refugees: Information for policy
Fafo-paper 2005:22 (pdf 1.92MB)

433 Kristin Dalen and Jon Pedersen
The Future Size of the Palestinian Population of the West Bank and Gaza Strip
Fafo-report 433 36p (pdf 441k)

425 Laurie Blome Jacobsen
Educated Housewives
Living Conditions among Palestinian Refugee Women
2004 50p (pdf 265k)

Finding Means Vol I-III

Fafo AIS in cooperation with Palestinian Center Bureau of Statistics and Natural Resources in Damascus
Living Conditions in the Palestinian Refugee Camps and Gatherings in Syria 2001

415 Laurie Blome Jacobsen
Finding Means. Summary Report
UNRWA’s Financial Situation and the Living Conditions of Palestinian Refugees
2003 62p (pdf 466k)

409 Ole fr. Ugland, ed.
Difficult Past, Uncertain Future
Living Conditions Among Palestinian Refugees in Camps and Gatherings in Lebanon
2003 298p (pdf 1.27M)

408 Pål Sletten and Jon Pedersen
Coping with Conflict
Palestinian Communities Two Years Into the Intifada
2003 76p

375 Marwan Khawaja
Internal migration in Syria: Findings from a national survey
2002 140p

357 Marwan Khawaja and Åge A. Tiltnes (eds.)
On the Margins: Migration and Living Conditions of Palestinian Camp Refugees in Jordan
2002 210p

659 Lena C. Endresen
Contact and Cooperation: The Israeli-Palestinian People-to-People Program
Fafo-paper 2001:3 52p

353 Jon Pedersen, Sara Randall and Marwan Khawaja (eds.)
Growing Fast
The Palestinian Population in the West Bank and Gaza Strip
2001 192p

345 Lena C. Endresen, Arild Schou and Per Stadig
Norwegian Support to Palestinian Civil Society and the Rule of Law: A review
2000 72p

The MENA-project

Willy Egset
Poverty in the Middle East and North Africa
(Published on the website of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
A Survey of Data and Recent Trends
Delstudie 12, 2000
ISBN 91-7496-208-6929

615 Willy Egset and Suzanne Hammad
Landmine Victims in Jordan
A Needs Assessment Study
Fafo-paper 1999:3 30p

253 Jon Hanssen-Bauer, Jon Pedersen and Åge A. Tiltnes (eds)
Jordanian Society
Living Conditions in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
1998 426p (12.8M)

242 Jon Pedersen and Rick Hooper (ed.)
Developing Palestinian Society
Socio-economic trends and their implications for development strategies
1998 88p

237 Marie Arneberg
Living Conditions Among Palestinian Refugees and Displaced in Jordan
1997 68p (pdf 644k)

236 Are Hovdenak, Jon Pedersen, Dag H. Tuastad and Elia Zureik
Constructing Order: Palestinian Adaptations to Refugee Life
1997 162p (pdf 2.18M)

889 Lena Endresen, Jon Hanssen-Bauer and Jon Pedersen
Availability of public health data about Palestinian refugees
Fafo-paper 1997:17 27p

225 Bjørne Grimsrud
Wage and Working Conditions in the Gaza Strip
1997 64p

852 Jon Pedersen
The Demography of Palestinians: New surveys in the Occupied Territories and Jordan
Fafo-paper 1995:8 10p

177 Signe Gilen m.fl.
Finding Ways
Palestinian Coping Strategies in Changing Environments
1994 89p

176 Lena C. Endresen and Geir Øvensen
The Potential of UNRWA-Data for Research on Palestinian Refugees
A Study of UNRWA Administrative Data
1994 60p

166 Geir Øvensen
Responding to change
Trends in Palestinian household economy
1994 223p

151 Marianne Heiberg and Geir Øvensen et.al.
Palestinian Society
in Gaza, West Bank and Arab Jerusalem. A Survey of Living Conditions
1993 419p

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