Marianne Heiberg and Geir Øvensen

Palestinian Society

in Gaza, West Bank and Arab Jerusalem

A Survey of Living Conditions

Helge Brunborg, Rita Giacaman, Rema Hammami, Neil Hawkins, Hasan Abu Libdeh, Camilla Stoltenberg, Salim Tamari, Steinar Tamsfoss, Ole Fr. Ugland, Lars Weiseth

Special adviser: Knut Knudsen




1. The Transformation of Palestinian Society: Fragmentation and Occupation

2. Population Characteristics and Trends

3. Housing

4. Health

5. Education

6. Household Income and Wealth

7. Employment and Under-utilization of Labour

8. Aspects of Social Stratification

9. Opinions and Attitudes

10. Women in Palestinian Society

Appendix A: Sampling Strategy

Appendix B: Recruitment, Training and Organisation of the Field Work

Appendix C: Processing of Data

Appendix A2: Tables

Appendix A6: Tables

Appendix A7: Labour Table Appendix

Fafo Report 151

© Forskningsstiftelsen Fafo 1993, 1994
ISBN 82-7422-105-2

Cover and layout: Jon S. Lahlum


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