'aHmads postcards
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 94 16:55:10 BST
From: ABRASAW@ibm3090.bham.ac.uk
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Subject: Re: Postcards

Jabri square It is the square of Saad Allah Aljabri, a prominent
figure in the nationalist struggle against the french occupation and
a once prime minister, he is from Aleppo.

Ommaya mosque It is a view of the Ummyad mosque in Damsacus from inside

Public park  It is the public park of Aleppo, a huge park and there
is a statue of the famous Hamadani poet Abou Firas Al hamdani

View from Aleppo As the name explains it is a scene from the city.

Work on wood an artistic work on wood

Zakhrafaislamia it is Islamic painting.



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