Historical photographs and illustrations from Lebanon and the Levant.

The Bonfils Family
Adrienne Bonfils realized in the late 1800's that the Levant was changing and the the time for recording history as he and his family knew it, was running out. His parents had come to Beyrouth in 1867 to set up a photography business catering mainly to the tourist industry of the time.

The E.W. Blatchford Collection
A collection of photographs from the turn of the (20th) century from the Special Collections and Archives of the Jafet Library at AUB.

The Moore Collection
Pictures from the AUB campus and vicinity taken between 1892 and 1915 by Franklin Moore. (From the Special Collections and Archives of the Jafet Library at AUB.)

Photograph's from Russell Harris' collection of historic prints.
Bonfils, Sebah, anonymous.

Norsk Bokforlag's album of photographs from the Levant
Henri B├ęchard, Bonfils and Gustav Berggren

Fuad Debbas, Beirut Our Memory, An Illustrated Tour in the Old City from 1880 to 1930
A book of historical postcards from Beirut, 1986 Naufal Group, Beirut, Lebanon, (c) 1986, Cesar Debbas & Fils, Beirut, Lebanon.

Historical postcards
from the program for Fairuz' concert at the saHet el burj in the autumn of 1994.

Artin Koudalakian
a sampling of historical postcards and prints.


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