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These 57 pictures are from Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Egypt.

Collections of Bonfils pictures are available at several museums around the world. Picture may also be found on the open market at reasonable prices as their prints were quite usual and produced in large numbers.

41 Port of Tripoli, Syria, Port de Tripoli. Syrie.

42 Has Baya, Syria, Has Baya. Palestine.

43 Beirut, Beyrouth.

44 Mt. Lebanon, General View of Der-el-Kamar, Syria.

45 Palace of Beteddin, Lebanon, Syria [Bayt al-Din], Liban. Palais de Beteddin, vue generale. Syrie.

46 Palace og Beteddin, Lebanon, Syria [Bayt ak-Din], Liban. Palais de Betddin, la porte, Syrie.

47 View of Sidon from the Fortress, Sidon prixs de la forteresse. Palestine.

48 Port of Alexandretta, Syria, Port d'Alexandrette, Syrie.

49 [Outdoor portrait, bread vendor] [untitled on negative] [Merchant de pain ambulant].

50 Jewish Tin-Smith, Ferblantier juif a Jerusalem.

51 [Studio portrait, woman standing] [untitled on negative] [Jeune fille turque].

52 [Studio, portrait, musicians] [untitled on negative] [Groupe de musiciens arabes]

53 Druse Women Gathering Stones for a Road, Femmes druses ramassant des pierres pour une route.

54 Group of Lepers, Jeruslaem, Groupe de lepreux a Jerusalem.

55 Plowing on the Plain of Esdraelon. Laboureurs dans la plaine d'Esdrelon.

56 Sidon, [untitled on negative], stereograph

57 Sidon, Palestine, Sidon

Complete panorama of pictures 29 and 30