Aim Maalouf

Prize-winning Lebanese author

Interviewed by Jarl Munch of Norwegian Broadcasting NRK on the occasion of the Norwegian translation of "The Crusades Seen Through Arab Eyes". February 14, 1996 - (Real Media files - get a free player from Real Networks)

The crusades were barbarian invasions of a more developed civilization. But the author says that even though that was a long time ago, it still colors the relationship between Europe and Islam.

How can it be that Islam even so is on it's way to becoming our new "enemy" after the fall of communism?

But we have the threats of terrorism and "the fatwa" [against Salman Rushdie]?

Are you optimistic for the future?
The Lebanese Amin Maalouf has won the celebrated French literary award, the Prix Goncourt. This is the notice Time Magazine had about this event in its Nov. 22 1993 issue, p.76.


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