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New Members
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New Members

Edward Hope '53
Tony Darrah '55
Ardis Murphy-Margison '55
Branwen Adams-Denton '67
J. Brayton Adams '69
Jana Chisum-Coffey '69
Arthur Frick '69
John Barcham '70
Stewart Copeland '70
Ann Ahlgren-Babcock '74
Mayumi Oshita-Fukuoka '74
Richard Glaser '75
Calvin Oshita '76
John O'Sullivan '79
Scott Parazynski '79
Kristi Tirrell '82
Fady Tabbara '86
Dorothy Wilcox (Fac)

Alumni Notes

Lester Crose '30 is a "lost alum"…Cinι's Film and Video Golden Eagle Award was presented to Kinesis on November 20, 1998 for its productions of the video "Poetry Moves." Kinesis is the performance art developed by Mary-Averett Seelye '35, in which she takes poetry off the printed page, choreographs, and performs it, speaking and moving simultaneously.
Mary-Averett Seelye '35 performs "Poetry Moves." Photo courtesy of Mary-Averett Seelye '35.

Howard Reed '36 has moved. He writes: "Thanks for a fine newsletter - well done!"...Janet Bruce-Nathason '37 has a new address.
Elizabeth West-FitzHugh '43 has moved and can now be reached via email…Ellen Zimmerman-Hooker '44 has moved.
Nicholas Graham '53 has moved. Edward Hope '53, a new member, writes: "I am particularly interested in Mr. & Mrs. Turmelle who arrived in Beirut on the same ship as my family. I would be most interested in getting in touch with them. Over the years that I have been in Atlanta, I have been driving a taxi, and often about once a year I would pick up someone who claimed to have gone to ACS. One or the other of us would always ask the same question: 'Who was Mr. Turmelle?' with the only acceptable answer being, 'He was the one with the glass eye.' Since I shared a stateroom with him going to Beirut, I was the first student that he surprised with his glass eye. At that time he wasn't married even though his wife-to-be, as I remember, was on the same ship". Monroe Pastermack '53 emails: "Look at the following site This very may well be the language of Europe and maybe the whole world. Reminds me of how we used to speak when in Beirut-- crudely mixing English, French and Arabic etc. As the true diversity of the world is accepted, I suspect we will increasingly speak something like Europanto. Was recently treated to a paragraph or two spoken by a few International School students from Lyon, in which they spoke as they do at this school; mixing German, English, French, Italian, Danish, Spanish and even some Japanese. The students I met were Brits."…Bill Tracy '53's article Back to Beirut" is now available at on the web.
Mary Ann Fixen '54, May Lynn Martes-Mitts '54, and Ardis Murphy '55 take a stroll in Beirut. Photo courtesy of Jan Perry-Stober '55.

Tony Darrah '55, a new member, is a physician, and writes: "I wish I had known about the Alumni Association years ago. I have enjoyed learning about old classmates, and thank you for the issues of the Pot. I was interested in the Ten Physicians article in the last issue of the Pot. Pity I wasn't a member when that questionnaire was sent out in February 1998 - I could have sent my own answers in. I might even do it yet, if the editor could use it."…Paul Kurani '55 has moved. Joanne Yohe-Litawa '55 is a "lost alum"…Stan Crane '56 is a "lost alum"…Barbara Lucher-Graham '56 has moved. Kathy Murphy-Sturm '58 has moved. Haig Yeni-Komshian '58 emails: "We have all been accustomed to receive 'Pot Diaspora' on a regular basis. However, only a few know how much work it takes. I was tangentially involved with Jon on his article about ACS docs. From the time he contacted me to publication was almost a year. Let us acknowledge Jon's efforts and wish him all the best."
Testing their glucose tolerance at the BD Snack Bar are, from left to right, Lyn Hussong '62, Chris Ross '60, Sue Vandenborre '60, and Don Hussong '60. Photo from Aramco.

Ian Sutherland-Brown '60 has moved. Sandra Zadorkin '60 has moved. Ken Carter '61 has a new email address. Kathy Dereki-Rebeiz '61 reports that her dad passed away on Friday, January 29, 1999 at the age of 85. "He was known by some of our classmates as 'Skipper.' Those lucky enough to have been invited to join him, and learn how to sail (our yacht) the Hajji Baba were Thom Moore '61, Ray Crowe '61, Claire Nesbitt '61 and Babs Bierer '61. Our destinations were Cyprus, Turkey and the Greek Islands. We all learned a lot from him on those cruises, and I hope some of it is still remembered today."…Phil Grattan '61 is a "lost alum". Beth Lyster-Stilwell '61 has moved and has a new email address…John Ramsaur '61 has moved. Gillian Sharp-Papazian '61 is a "lost alum". Alex Frediani '63 is in Paris, FRANCE, but his mail still goes to the states…Richard Wayne Hinkle '63 has moved.
Borre Ludvigsen '64 emails: "I thought some of you might be interested in a little insight into the current situation in Lebanon and what concerns Lebanese at a point in time which is rather important for the country. Several things have happened over the last few months that amount to a milestone in the postwar development of the nation. The reconstruction of Beirut has moved beyond the initial excavation as new buildings are coming into use, important institutions are moving into downtown Beirut (http://www.escwa.org.lb/) and rebuilt infrastructures such as roads, sewage and water works are beginning to affect ordinary people as well. Another important transition is the inauguration today of the new president, Emile Lahoud. Outgoing president Elias Hrawi has skillfully maneuvered Lebanon over that last 9 years from a devastated and near lawless society to one that debates its deficiencies and aspirations as a modern nation in both press and parliament. It is sincerely hoped that Emile Lahoud will be equally skilled in bringing his abilities to organize a national Lebanese Army out of warring militias to bear on reorganizing the public sector and eradicating graft. The final element is the so-called 'peace process'. The Israeli government's survival of Wye, seems now to have given them the confidence that Lebanon and Syria are ready to be brought to heal. US announcements on the resumption of that 'track' appears to bear this out. It remains to be seen if the pressure from west will be heavy enough to bring an equally ignominious 'peace' to Lebanon as that in Palestine."
Chuck Wallach '64 has a new email address. Ruth Corrigan-Stanat '65 is a "lost alum"…Barney Dale '66 has moved. Robin Meader '66 writes: "Thank you for the newsletters. Even though I only attended ACS for one year (and that in the 2nd grade), I enjoy seeing the interesting variety of people who have passed through those doors over the years before and after I did."…Branwen Adams-Denton '67, a new member, writes: "After ACS, I attended Bryn Mawr College sporadically until 1978, when I finally managed to get my BA. During the intervening years, I did a stint in the Peace Corps in Afghanistan, and taught school in Morocco and Saudi Arabia. After graduation, I taught in Iran and in Saudi again. In 1981, I went be to BMC, where I earned an MA in 1984 and a PhD in 1991, both in Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology. Most of my research during graduate school and thereafter has concentrated on artifacts dating to the middle of the 2nd millennium BC from the Persian Gulf. I do most of my work in Bahrain. In 1993, I was the Assistant Director of the American Center of Oriental Research (ACOR) in Amman, Jordan. In 1994-1995, I was Fulbright Professor of Archaeology at the National University of Bahrain. 1996-1997 was spent as Professor of ancient Near Eastern history and archaeology at the Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Changchun, P.R. China. At the present time, I am working as a waitress and finishing up my analysis of the pottery from the French excavation on Bahrain for which I am an official consultant. I have a 22-year old daughter who models in New York. In January, I am planning to take a course leading to a certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, in Istanbul. Who knows what will happen after that?"
Left to right, celebrating the birthday of Beth Lyster-Stilwell '61 at a Lebanese restaurant in Melbourne Beach, FL in March 1999: Tom Dinney '61, Julie Dinney, Trish Caldwell, Beth Lyster-Stilwell '61, Jon Stacey '61, Lisa Ebert-Stacey '74, Diz Caldwell '61, and Ken Carter '61. Photo courtesy of Gary Stilwell.

Dr. Wm. Edward Goellner '67 has moved. Cynthia Burgstaller-Turner '68 is a "lost alum"…Janice Goddard-Topham '68, formerly a "lost alum," has been found. Kitty Kennedy-Morgan '68 is a "lost alum"…Rick Lindsey Wellons '68 has a new email address. Lorne O'Sullivan '68 is doing well and still in stucco - as it were. He has closed his repo business, after being chased through a Nevada warehouse by an enraged debtor wielding a claw hammer, and decided that he would leave this type of business to the younger set…J. Brayton Adams '69,, a new memberm left ACS in 1967 as a sophomore, is a retired ship's officer, a free-lance pilot, and an ESL teacher……Lynn Callow '69 has a new address. Katie Eckert-Youssefi '69 is a "lost alum"…John L. Foster '69 has moved. William Kelsey '69 has a new "address of record", and writes: "For the past year and a half I have been flying in Mozambique for relief, development, and mine-clearing operations. As I never know exactly how long I'll be here, you should stick with my Texas address from where mail will be forwarded to me"…Susan Meade-Sindelar '69 writes that she "'spoke' to Craig Troeller '69 via email recently, and had a mini-reunion by phone with Amy Smith '69, after contacting her brother Leonard. "The 1998 holidays are very special this year, as my husband Scott's mother has recently moved nearby and my parents are back after 33 years in Riyadh! The best to everyone in 1999!!!"…Ellen Porter-Honnet '69 and family have moved.
John Barcham '70, writes: "I had the great privilege of attending ACS in 1964-1966 when my father was the Australian Trade Commissioner in Beirut. I very sadly and reluctantly left when we received a posting to Kenya in late 1966. I believe ACS to be one of the great international schools and a great school by any standard. Suddenly the Internet has opened a window on a part of my life I hold very dear, and that I thought was lost in the mists of time. I was a very involved member of the Boy Scout Troop, Beirut # 1, which had some affiliation with ACS The crazy adventures of this band of boys in the hills of Lebanon are well worth telling and I hope through the net to contact former members. I still have my yearbooks from '65 and '66 on my bookshelf and also lots of interesting photos from the Scouts taken on hikes through Lebanon. Most of the people in the photos were ACS students. I can't tell you how pleased I am to have made this contact. Of all the wonderful places I lived with my family around the world, Beirut and Lebanon were special (as anyone who has lived there knows) and ACS was an integral part of that experience. I look forward to the day I can proudly wear and ACS Alumni T shirt down the streets of Melbourne!"
Stewart Copeland '70 (former drummer for the band "The Police") signs autographs for ACS students during a visit there last year, along with his brother Ian '67. Photo courtesy of Ibtissam Saadawi.

Stewart Copeland '70, a new member, previously played in the band "Police". Reported by Eleanor Dorman-Johnson '62 (Fac): "Stewart and his brother Ian '67 were in Beirut for the Beirut Film Festival in September, 1998. Stewart had scored the music for one of the films to be shown, and they were there to promote the event. This was their first visit to Beirut since they lived there as kids, and they appeared delighted to be back. They came down to ACS, wandered around the 'old place,' and were persuaded to talk to the high school kids for half an hour or so in morning Assembly. It was great! They gave an informal, anecdotal, brief talk (how much ACS had meant to them, how 'small' the place looked, how appreciative they were of being back here with the hospitable Lebanese, how happy they were to see the country moving forward, etc.) Then they had the kids ask questions, and that was fun, too. They had a great rapport with the kids!" Darcy Curtiss-Sreebny '70 is back from a three-year assignment at the American Embassy in Tel Aviv, and has moved. Steven Van Butler '70 has moved. Mary Louise Kelberer-Renquist '71 is a "lost alum"…
William (72) and Hilda Webster-Garman at the seaside church in Verangeville, France, March 1999. Photo courtest of William Webster-Garman (72).

Marshall Handley '72
writes: "I now live and practice law in Beverly, Massachusetts (on the 'North Shore,' next to Salem) where I am also the head of the City's Law Department. If any chums or alums ever get through this way, please look me up. The SCUBA diving is fantastic, the lobsters and scallops are delicious and plentiful, and the scenery and history are terrific"…Michael Kano '72 has moved, and writes: "I have just settled down in Vancouver, British Columbia - after 15 years in Kuwait, I decided I needed a place that was cold, green, and with mountains - quite the opposite of the desert. I left Kuwait in the autumn of 1997 and did a lot of traveling before buying a place in Vancouver last summer. Since then I have been fixing it up and unpacking. I fill the rest of my time writing a novel based on my adventures in Kuwait during the Iraqi occupation and the Gulf War (are there any literary agents among our alumni?) I'm also looking up here for a full-time job in the financial field - I worked as a management accountant, an auditor, and a financial consultant in Kuwait. The Gulf was an interesting place to work, but it's good to be in a place with more personal security and more freedom."…Jillian McLaren '72 is a "lost alum"…Susan Rose-Gibbs '72 has moved.

Tyler Ahlgren '73 is a "lost alum"…Margaret Callow '73 is a "lost alum"…Rupen Das '73 has moved. Thomas Gardner Morgan '73 is a "lost alum"…Karen Whittington El-Murr '73 has moved. Tanya Myers '74 has a new phone number and emaiml address. David Turosak '74 is a "lost alum"…Patricia Falconer-Roland '75 writes: "1998 was a third of the way over when I was happy to discover that my book review of Egyptian novelist Ahdaf Soueif's 'In the Eye of the Sun' had been published; the Institute for Women's Studies in the Arab World (IWSAW) at the Lebanese-American University carried it in their Summer 1997 issue on women and literature." Dana Coffield '76 has moved. Robert Leurs '76 is a "lost alum"…Sandra E. Powell '76 has moved. Sandra Powell '76 has moved. James L. Amine '77 is a "lost alum"…Leslie Parker-Ball '77 has moved. Ruth Ann Swenson-Thompson '77 has moved.
Struggling with the camel on a trip to Syria during 4th grade are Greg Soghikian '77 and Billy Chandler '77. Photo courtesy of Cynthia Soghikian-Wolfe '72.

Leslie Rogers-DeCaire '78 writes: "If anyone remembers me, please call or write me. I am married with a 7-year-old girl and a 2-year-old boy - both with red hair!!"…Debbie Snow-Rieman '78 writes: "I am living in Arlington, VA - a stay-at-home-school mom of two (Grace - almost 8, and Zack - 2 ½). My parents (Jim and Bunny Snow - familiar to many ACSers as Youthgroup leaders in the early 1970s at the local American Community Church) are retired and living in nearby McLean, VA. My father has decided to use his retirement to go back to school and study conflict resolution (apprently, the Middle East didn't wear him down in this area!)…John Turosak '78 is a "lost alum"…Martyn Miller '79 has moved. Scott Parazynski '79, a new member, is an astronaut with NASA.
Bruce Bitowft '80 is a "lost alum"…Bradford Broadway '80 has moved. David Parker '80 has moved, and writes: "I should probably write a little bit of what I've been up to the last 10 years or so that I lost touch. I pursued a Bachelors of Architecture degree from Carnegie-Mellon University and spent most summers traveling and studying; one summer in France renovating historic Chateaux, another in mainland China studying Chinese Architecture, and one summer in Morocco and Spain doing independent research in traditional courtyard houses and Islamic Architecture. After graduating and working a couple of years in the profession, I concluded that it would be wise to go after a Master's degree in Architecture, which I received from Harvard University in 1991. I then moved west to California to work and be closer to family and to raise my own family. I married Daniella Kievet from Holland, who has not been afraid to travel. An opportunity came up during the recessed economy of the early nineties for me to work in Kuwait for an Architecture Engineering firm named Pan Arab Consulting Engineers. Although I had never been to Kuwait, and only knew of its less than ideal climate (in the broad sense of the word), I was somewhat interested in getting back to the Middle Est. We spent three up and down years there and gained some valuable experience and wonderful memories. My plan to finally re-visit Beirut from Kuwait was unfortunately never realized due to the travel ban for Americans at the time. Since 1997 we have lived in the San Diego area, and I practice Architecture specializing in research laboratory design. The work is wonderful but I continue to wonder how I might manage to visit the Middle East again. As luck (or fate) would have it, I have just heard news that our company has been selected to work on a medical center in Byblos. They have put me on the team (largely due to my Middle Eastern experience) and I will most likely be coming out to Lebanon for work sessions. This is all very exciting to me, as it gives me a chance to finally re-visit Beirut. It has been 20 years since I left Beirut and not a day goes by where I don't think about the place or experiences I had whilst living there. It truly is a remarkable place and I believe I am not alone when I express the gratitude for having been able to grow up in a place such as that, with a school such as ACS, and with teachers and friends such as those in the alumni association." ."…Karen Zughaib-Burke '80 has moved.
Artemis ("Tim") Joukowsky '80 getting a hug from his first-grade teacher Donna Egan-Donahoo (Fac) in February 1999. Photo courtesy of Donna Egan-Donahoo (Fac).

Erica Dodd '81 is a "lost alum"…Laila Farah-Mohtar '81 is a "lost alum"…Nancy Lee Zughaib '81 is a "lost alum"…Jonathan King '82 and his wife Lai Beth are in China studying the language. On December 22, 1998 Lai Beth gave birth to their first child, Nathan David…Kristi Tirrell '82, a new member, is a graphic artist. Rowaida Ayoub '88, formerly a "lost alum," has been found. Tanya Byker '89 is a "lost alum."
Left to right aTom Tirrell (Fac), Kristi Tirrell '82, Debbie Snow-Rieman'78, and Debbie's father Jim Snow. Photo courtesy of Debbie Snow-Rieman '78

Maysoun Ali Roumani '92, formerly a "lost alum," has been found. Maha Al-Kuhaimi '93 has a new address. Nabil Choueri '94 is a "lost alum"…Rola Zaidan '94 has a new address.
Elayn Kollmer-Rifai (Fac) is teaching at the American School in Beirut this academic year 1998-1999…Robin Schaub (Fac) is a "lost alum"…Lois Swenson (Fac) is a "lost alum"…Tom Tirrell (Fac) is retired and enjoys sailing (he just finished a trip from Spain to Barbados). He is remarried and living in Arkansas (reported by Debbie Snow- Rieman '78


Ruth Corrigan-Stanat '65 has been appointed by U.S. Secretary of Defense William Cohen as one of twelve new members to the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services (DACOWITS). The 1999 DACOWITS is comprised of 34 civilian members from throughout the United States, selected on the basis of achievements in business, their professions, and in civic affairs. Members are appointed by the Secretary of Defense for a three-year term, without compensation, to advise him on matters relating to the effective utilization of women in the Services. The DACOWITS was established in 1951 by then Secretary of Defense George C. Marshall.

Wedding Announcement

Two ACSers Wed!!!
Jay Moore and Lisa Moore, both of the ACS class of '72, tied the knot on Valentine's Day this year. The wedding took place in Nevada City, California, a small, historic mining town in the Gold Country north of Sacramento. The couple re-met about a year ago through the ACS web page. Jay is a Vice President for a division of Great American Insurance Company based in Los Angeles. He graduated from New York University after leaving ACS, and subsequently obtained a master's degree from the American Graduate School of International Management in Glendale, Arizona. Before reuniting with Jay, Lisa had a chiropractic practice in Auburn, California, where she lived with her two children, Christopher and Laura.

In Memoriam

Donald Larry Fitzhugh '58 passed away on December 18, 1998. (Reported by his BD roomate, Frank Piersol '58).
Lynne Scott-Levinsky '59 died of cancer on December 8, 1998. She was a long-time reisdent of Weston and Westport, Connecticut, and had worked as a psychiatric nurse in the Home Health Care field for many years. She is survived by a son, Scott Jordan Levinsky, two sisters, Susan Scott-Miles '63 and Jennifer Scott, who was born in Beirut, and by her father, Dr. Virgil C. Scott, who was Professor of Medicine at the American University of Beirut Hospital from 1954 to 1957. (Reported by Susan Scott-Miles '63) Miles Sheldon '66 died recently, date unknown. (Reported by Cindy Barner-Albright '66)

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