Nabih Berri, President of the Lebanese National Assembly

  • He was born in Sierra Leone, Africa in 1938.
  • He completed his primary & intermediate studies in the South of Lebanon then continued his secondary studies in Beirut at the "Sagesse" & "Makassed" schools.
  • He graduated top of his class with a Law Degree from the Lebanese University in 1963 ; then he applied for a D.E.S. at the "Faculte de droit de la Sorbonne".
  • He then joined the Students' movement and the University's Federation movement. He later became President of the National Federation of Lebanese Students (UNUL). While a student, he participated in numerous university and political seminars.
  • In 1963, he became a lawyer at the " Court of Appeals" in Beirut.
  • He then joined the struggle at the side of Imam Moussa Al-Sadr in favor of the displaced; with the resistance against Israeli aggressions in the occupied South.
  • In 1984, he was elected at the head of the Amal Movement of which he remains president until today.
  • From 1984 till now he has held the following positions successively: Minister of Justice, Minister of Hydraulic & Electric Resources, Minister of the Affairs for the South & Reconstruction, Minister of Housing & Cooperatives, and State Minister.
  • During the legislative elections of September 6, 1992 at the head of the" Liberation of the South Movement"; he was elected President of the National Assembly on November 20, 1992.
  • On September 8, 1996 he won the legislative elections at the head of the "Liberation & Development" list. He was reelected president of the National Assembly on October 22, 1996.

(from The Lebanese Parliament Website)