Interviews with people from the south

These QuickTime movies vary in size between 300K and 1.3MB. They are short interviews qith displaced people in the South of Lebanon done by Al Manar TV of Beirut in the first days of the April War of 1996.

Interview 1 (800K)

Interview 2 (900K)

Interview 3 (1.1MB)

Interview 4 (400K)

Interview 5 (300K)

Interview 6 (600K)

Interview 7 (950K)

Interview 8 (1.4MB)

Interview 9 (450K)

Interview 10 (1.1MB)

Interview 11 (800K)

Interview 12 (1.1MB)

These videoclips are from raw and edited video supplied by Al Manar TV in Beirut, April, 1996.


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