Images from the shelling of the UNIFIL FIJI BATT compound at Qana, South Lebanon

Thursday, April 18, 1996

Dousing the fire.

Distraught survivor

Bloodied earth

A victim

Victims, journalists and UN troops

Proximity-fuze shelled shelter

An overwhelmed UN-representative

Carrying away the dead

A burnt out shelter

Putting out the fire

Carrying out the dead

The Qana compund

Entrance to the Qana compound

Burning shelters

Mourning a victim

A burning shelter

Fiji Batt has been at Qana since 1978





Some victims were unrecognizable

Result of proximity-fuze shelling

The compund is in the village of Qana

The baby victim

Gathering the remains

Putting out the fire

Carrying out wounded

Seasoned journalists

Wounded on the hospital floor in Tyre

Film: (RAM - 80 kbps) (RAM - 300 kbps)

On Tuesday April 18, 1996 Israeli 155mm howitzers shelled UIFIL's Fiji BATT compound in the village of Qana a few kilometers south east of Tyre. Around 800 civilians had taken refuge at the base. Israelis targeted the base in retaliation for the Hizballah attack on one of their special forces groups who were in action north and outside of the Iraeli occupied "security zone" laying landmines. Over 100 civilians were killed.

The shelling is documented in a UN report discussed in Time Magazine's article Qana: Anatomy of a Tragedy by James Walsh.

These images are from raw and edited video supplied by Al Manar TV in Beirut, April, 1996.


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