JULY WAR 2006 حرب تمّوز ٢٠٠٦

Marwaheen, July 17

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Haret Hreik before and after July 22, 2006. (Click the image)

Larger version of the July 22 image from Haret Hreik.

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Images from Bint Jbeil and the South - March 4, 2007

Server statistics for July and August 2006

UNOSAT imagery.

Pictures from Dahiyeh, August 17, 2007

On July 12, 2006 Israel launched a war against Lebanon variously called "Operation Just Return" 1, "Operation Just Reward"2 and "Change of Direction"3 in response to the capture of two IDF soldier by Hizbullah near Aita Shaab on the border with Israel in South Lebanon.

The consequences for Lebanon were devastating, precipitating in the course of the first few days a major humanitarian crisis and the evacuation of virtually all foreign nationals.

The link below, when added as a network link to the Google Earth program, provides a (possibly incomplete) overview of major incidents of the war from July 12 til August 14:


To add to Google Earth as network link, right-click the link above, "copy to clipboard" and then add to the "Network link" diaglog box in Google Earth under the "Add".

To add locally, download by right-clicking the link above, save to disk and then load the file in Google Earth with the "File" and "Open" menu.

When added as a network link, it will be updated if a newer version of the file exists either when the page is reloaded or Google Earth is restarted.


All the information on the map has been collected from media available on the internet, including net-based newspapers, wire services, radio and TV broadcasts. Information garnered from blogs have susequently been confirmed by the media. All information from such action is subject to censorship and distortion from the military, eyewitnesses and media, but all things being equal it should give a reasonable impression of the extent of the catastrophe. Incidents that have proved impossible to locate precisely are either placed offshore or in the nearest unpopulated area.

20150313: Google has changed the way in which KML files are displayed in their maps. Because of the complexity of the entire map and the embedded links and graphics, the old Google Maps links are therefore no longer available.

1 (20060713)
2 (20060714)
3 (20060717)


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