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Al Badia - Association Najdeh

Al Badia embroidery project:

The Embroidery Project was Najdeh's first project. It was able to reach selfsufficiency and is now considered as an economic project. Najdeh's embroidery project, AL Badia, includes two embroidery workshops in Ein El Helweh (Sidon, south) and Rashidiyeh (Tyre, south-south) camps. In addition, there are small working groups of embroiderers in other camps (Bared & Baddawi in Tripoli, north, Shatila in Beirut, Mieh Mieh in Sidon and Borj El Shemali & Buss in Tyre). This project engages a total of 77 Palestinian women in economic productivity. Al Badia has two local marketing outlets (shops) in Beirut and an international outlet (individuals/solidarity groups) in Europe, USA and Canada.

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Images from the embroidery workshop in Shatila and some of Al Badia's products:

Photographs © Børre Ludvigsen, 1998