Environmental Organizations in Lebanon

by Fareed Abou-Haidar
(14 Jul 1996)

Friends of Nature

This organization has been around since at least 1980, and has campaigned against bird hunting, dirty beaches, roadside garbage dumps, tree cutting, bad land use, among others. Several books, pamphlets and post cards have been published. It is led by :
Dr. Ricardus (Ricardo) M. El-Haber
P.O. Box 967
Jounieh, Lebanon

Green Line-A Scientific Association for Conservation

This is an organization based at AUB and led by:
Dr. Shadi Hemadi.
American University of Beirut
Tel: 354911/350000 (ext. 4458)
FAX: (212) 478-1995 (Ext. USA) That sounds like the AUB offices in New York.

Society for the Protection of Nature In Lebanon (SPNL)

This organization has partnerships with many international environmental organizations and has been effective in influencing some of the government's decisions. The leader of this organization is Asa'ad Serhal, a very fine person whom I got to know in 1993 and met again in 1995. More info. about SPNL is available in FAQ Part 2 that is periodically posted in SCL, but I thought I would include the adress and phone no. here for all to see. If you go to Beirut, you can visit SPNL on Abdul-Aziz Street in Hamra (call SPNL for specific directions.)

P.O. Box 11-5665
Beirut, Lebanon
Tel: (01)-343740/342701/344814
Fax: (961-1)-603208
Telex: 20179 SARI LE



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