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Development Projects Recently Approved in Lebanon - Health Sector & Environment

Project Title: Strengthening of National Capacity and Grassroots In-situ Conservation for Sustainable Biodiversity Protection in Lebanon

Project Approved by the United Nations

This Project, designed to assist the Government of Lebanon to conserve areas of significant biodiversity, will put into place an effectively managed system of protected areas to safeguard endemic and endangered species of flora and fauna, conserve their habitats and incorporate biodiversity conservation as an integral part of *sustainable* human development. The project will test a specific model of three demonstration parks - in Jabal, Barouk, Horsch Ehden and the Palm Islands - where the Ministry of the Environment, local nongovernmental organizations and in-country specific institutions will coordinate their activities to promote both the long-term ecological and the short-term economic objectives of wildlife conservation. It will also incorporate educational and sensitization components directed toward the local communities, and will reach out of the public and decision makers with doucmentary films and television spots. *The project will test the possibility of promoting national reconciliation by bringing people and institutions together for the conservation of nature*. This will be achieved through the following specific project objectives:

    a) management and conservation of three protected areas;
    b) capacilty building and institutional strengthening;
    c) multidimensional sensitization and educational campaign.

Value: US$230,500
Expected Duration: 5 years
Executing Agency: Government

Project: Train the trainers (health)

Partners: Universit de Montral
Universit St-Joseph

Country: Lebanon

Sector: Health

Funding Agency: AUCC

In Lebanon, where the public health sector has not existed for 20 years, the need to train health professionals throughout the country has become urgent. The Universit de Montral and the Universit St-Joseph will develop teams of teachers in family medicine, nursing and health management services. Teaching materials for these three subject areas will also be developed and two pilot community health centres established.

The Association of Canadian Colleges and Universities (AUCC) approves 10 to 11 Tier 2 projects each year. These Tier 2 projects provide up to CAN$750,000 for up to five years for development projects. Individuals who are working or associated with Universities or Colleges in Canada can submit applications for funding. Competition has been very tough lately and we are seeing a gradual change in countries being approved for funding. Money is moving away from countries in severe need, such as Bangladesh, to countries such as Lebanon and Chile. Also there is a move away from "social development" towards development in the areas of engineering and the environment. Deadline for applications is May. For more information please contact AUCC, your University's International office, or e-mail me at



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