The Corniche and the American Community School

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picture from the north west

This is a picture of the eastern Corniche area. The north part of Ras Beirut in the lower right corner and just into Ain el Mraisse in the upper left. International College, the American Community School and most of the AUB campus are covered. Rue Bliss and the high rises in the western area between Bliss and Hamra are in the upper right. It appears to have been taken at about 1500 in the afternoon on a winter day in the middle 1960's. The ocean breakers of a dying storm are beating against the Corniche. The photographer is the pilot of a Tapline DC3 approaching Beirut airport from the north.

picture from the west

This one was also taken from a Tapline DC3 returning from the "milk run" along the pipeline into Saudi Arabia in the late 1950's. The area shown is the ACS campus and parts of AUB stretching up to the AUB athletic field.

(I received the pictures from Tapline when I was collecting background material for my architectural thesis in 1970 - which was a design for the expansion of ACS!)

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