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History The history of The American Community School at Beirut as told by its students and archives.
1962 Brochure of the American Community School, 1962. ACS in what many would like to call its 'heyday'.
1969 Brochure of the American Community School, 1969. Here was ACS on the verge of 20 very difficult years, (Includes curriculum and diploma requirements.)
POT The Diaspora Potrezebie
The POT is the quarterly newspaper of the AA/ACS and includes articles, features, collumns, alumni notes, reports from ACS in text and pictures.

Books Books about life in the Middle East, by ACS alumni.

Al Manara

Pictures and other materal from the Al Manara yearbooks
Al Arz Al Arz (The Cedars)

May 29, 1963 - Vol. VI No. 5 - Courtesy of Jim Gehlhar ('63)

Campus Pictures on and around the Ain Mraisseh campus.
Reminiscences Stories, pictures and memories about life on and around ACS.


Various Various mini-reunions, meetings, get-togethers, etc.
Films Films about ACS. A promotional video made by ACS in 1997 showing the grounds, students, teachers and general environment. (14 minutes) A CBS report on ACS from 1993. About the war, the casualties, survival and revival. (3 minutes)
ACS, Beirut The American Community School is alive and well in Beirut, Lebanon. Visit their web pages at
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Lebanon Al Mashriq is a World-Wide Web server with cultural multimedia information on Lebanon and the Levant. Old and new photographs, articles, travelogues, recipes, music and song, politics and archaeology are all among the many topics covered. If you have contributions, send them to <borrel at> using the subject "AACS".
Aramco Brats Aramco (Arabian American Oil Company) was for many years one of the main contributors of students to ACS. This is the alumni webpage for the Aramco schools in Saudi Arabia.


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