Tapline documents

  • Map of the pipeline

  • Alternate Routes:
    Reconnaissance of April-May 1946

  • Tapline:
    A Report on Five Years of Successful Operation. 1956

  • Kilometer 1213: Tapline Today
    Bruchure on Tapline from 1961

  • The Tapline Road
    The story of the building of the Tapline Road

  • Tapline ...
    the story of the world's biggest oil pipeline, 1951

  • Through Ancient Lands ...
    TAPLINE moder trade troute of steel 1964

  • Operation Tapline
    Brochure in PDF format

  • The Building of Tapline
    Brochure in PDF format

  • Estimate of maintenace and operation cost for Tapline
    J. L. Culbertson, Chief Engineer, 1948.

  • Draft note from Rhea Putnam to the Secretary of the Navy

  • Other sources of information

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